Christmas Starts Tomorrow

Frustration abounds right now. My husband fears he has hurt his back again, the kids are on each other's nerves, one son always seems to be able to stir up "stink" with the others, the other son knows how to push the right buttons, and my daughter gets upset and won't tell me what's happened which frustrates me further. I can't seem to get the inside of the house decorated for Christmas, we just now got our tree, and can't get it decorated because I've managed to lose the tree lights, couldn't find the right kind at the store, and will have to make a trip to the store after church tomorrow - delaying the decorating of the tree one more day. Emma just broke an ornament she made this year at church, the boys are frustrated about the tree, I've had enough.

I know that things are different this year, and that's okay. But I've had enough of feeling sorry for myself and letting stuff happen instead of taking hold of things.

We just had a family prayer, asking God to help us get a grip. I expect to wake up in the morning to all kinds of obstacles, but I am expecting God to help me make better choices about how I handle them.

Tomorrow - we start Christmas at our house.

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