Catching Up

What a ride it has been the last few weeks! My last post had us waiting to see the doctor - well, we got in early to see him on Nov. 25th, and Ivan had surgery on Monday, November 30th! And boy were we ready! By the time it came, he couldn't walk at all because of leg weakness, he had fallen a few times and we had him in a wheelchair. Amazingly, after the surgery they had him up and walking almost immediately. One night in the hospital and then back home. He's still in recovery mode and I have learned a lot about myself during this process!

Ever notice how easy it is to be loving, kind, patient, and giving when you can do it on your own schedule? But put someone "in your way", and it's tougher! I'm learning how to let go of having things my own way. To just do what needs to be done next, and trying not to complain about it. Lest you think I'm having it tough - I'm not, I just realize how easy I've had it for the last several years!

This experience has made both of us look at the future and what we can and want to do about it. Ivan's looking at ways to streamline his business and make it more efficient. We've come to realize just how much physical labor was involved for him that we didn't even see before, and the doctor has said no more. So, adjustments are coming. For myself, I have decided I really do want to be a writer, and make a living at it. My writer's group has been a tremendous help to me, and in fact are encouraging me to start shopping publishers for my children's book - even though it isn't finished yet. I'm not sure, but I promised I would at least start looking.

I don't know what the future holds yet, but I'm learning that I don't have to. So for now, I'm going to enjoy my family, the Christmas season, and all the good around me. There's plenty to rejoice in.

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