Blah But Not Humbug

I skipped Sunday School this morning.  Sent all my family on ahead and stayed home.  I'm drinking my coffee, reflecting on the funk I'm in, and even made my bed.  I woke up early, so I wasn't late.  Had a few minutes of quiet time before everyone else got up, so I wasn't harried.  I just felt like taking some time alone with everyone gone.

I'm ready for Christmas to be over.  I plan to take the tree down either today or tomorrow - the earliest I can ever remember doing so.  It was a good Christmas. The kids were generous to each other and Santa's offerings were appreciated by all.  I'm just feeling "done".

Maybe my funk is partially because of my 49th birthday coming up.  While I don't think I have one foot in the grave, I just can't believe I'm at this point.  Surely I'm only 32 or so?  Guess not.

I'm going to finish my coffee and head to church to be reminded of the meaning of life - which isn't me.  Time to get myself out the center of my universe.

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