Where's the Party?

Kerlunk, kerlunk, kerlunk. What is that sound? I got up from my slumber on the couch to investigate. Standing in the middle of the house in the quiet of the morning I heard it coming from downstairs, the laundry room. Great. Down the basement steps I went, flipping on lights, making my way to the back of the house. Kerlunk, kerlunk, kerlunk. The washing machine greeted me with its melodious clunking and the faint scent of burned rubber. It must have been dancing, it had moved out of place. The knob was stuck just short of the off position. Opening the lid I saw my sons laundry. Great, he put these in last night at 10 o’clock, how long has this thing been partying? Bet the belt is burned up. Terrific, my husband is laid up with a back injury and there’s no way he can fix this, he can’t even make it down the basement stairs. Please, God, fix the washer so I don’t have to call a repairman. Making my way back upstairs, turning off lights as I go, I wonder what time it is. Lying back down on the couch I flip open my cell phone – 4:36. Great. Only a little over an hour before I need to get up, can I go back to sleep? My husband calls from the bedroom where he’s had a rough night because of his back. “Is that the dryer?” “No, the washer, it’s been stuck.” We decide not to talk about it at 4:36 in morning. I doze off and on.

What is my blessing today? Well, my friend had cancer surgery yesterday and came through well. I am thankful for that. My kids are all healthy, I’m thankful for that. While my husband is laid up at the moment, it isn’t life threathening, and I’m very thankful for that.

Guess what? My son just told me that he woke up at 3am and decided to put laundry in, that means the washer didn’t party all night! Yeah! I am thankful for that!

All these things I am thankful for, but I’d have to say the blessing in my life today is having a home. A place to live, and that holds my family all together. That is a blessing that I realize not everyone has. Day #3 Blessing – home.

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