Waiting . . .

Monday has brought a cold and wet day once more. This morning we get the results of my husband's MRI. Whatever it says will be good, in that we'll have some firm idea of what's going on and maybe why he isn't responding as well as hoped. Then a course of action can be determined.

I think waiting and the unknown is the hardest thing of all to handle. That goes for anything. Waiting for a job, wondering about college, anything. But it is also unavoidable. We have to wait for things, there's always an unknown something in our lives. What to do about it? It's easy to say be patient, just hold on. But doing it, that's something else. I guess it just takes practice. My Mom used to say, "never pray for patience, because the only way to get it is to have something that makes you work at it".

So, I'm not praying for patience today, but I am going to exercise that muscle with the waiting that I have in front of me. And I'll try to do it with a positive attitude.

Blessing Number Seven: Having to Wait. That might not sound like a blessing, but what if we got everything immediately? That would NOT be a blessing.

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