Tired, Grouchy, and Whiny

Today is a challenge to find my blessing. Well, not so much to find it, I can find plenty of blessings in my life - it's just trying to concentrate on it that's hard.

It's Saturday and I am tired, grouchy, and whiny. My husband has been on bed rest all week with his back, thank goodness I think he is starting to see some improvement between the rest, the chiropractic adjustments, pain meds, and now steroids. However, it means he's been home all week. Don't get me wrong, I adore my husband, but too much of a good thing loses a bit of its appeal. I have come to realize what a creature of habit I have become, and how I really dislike having someone monitor my every move. And husbands (not just mine I've discovered) if they have too much time to observe find ways to improve the ways of the household. We don't get to go to my Dad's for Thanksgiving which I had planned on all year. Now we plan to go during the week after Christmas, which is fine, just not what I wanted to do. That brings a different set of issues. I went shopping today, determined to have the traditional ham and pineapple my mother always made - only to discover there were no canned hams (it has to be Hormel Black Label) at Walmart, the warehouse has been out for two weeks. So, I'll make a trip to Food Lion or somewhere else later.

Looking over the past paragraph I see how whiny (and believe me, I didn't write down all that I really wanted to) it is. This experience shows me just how much self I still have to deal with. I tend to think of myself as unselfish, but I see that I still have plenty to deal with.

Back to blessings for today, day number six. I think I shall choose autumn. The leaves are falling, the air is crisp and it smells "autumny". I do love autumn, my favorite time of year. A time to let old stuff "die off" and rest a bit waiting for the "new" to come forth at the proper time. I hope lots of my old stuff, like selfishness, dies off and something new will bloom in its place.

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