Recycling is Good, Right?

Isn't it funny how things recycle in your life? We hear all the time: "reduce, reuse, recycle". But I take that too far sometimes. Ever recycle old "tapes"? I have a classic example. Yesterday a old/new friend (we were acquaintances several years ago, and now our paths have intertwined again and we've become friends) called me to see if we could do lunch. I was delighted as I really do like her a lot and we hadn't been able to do this yet. However, soon after we made the arrangements I started to recycle old thought patterns. What if she wanted to talk to me about something bad? Had my kids offended hers somehow? Was she going to do an intervention and tell me how I needed to lose weight? Had I said something inappropriate at our last writers meeting? Old tapes of insecurity played over and over. I determined on the way that I was going to ask first thing what I (or someone I was responsible for) had done. However, when we met, it was evident immediately that she just wanted to have lunch with a friend. How wonderful! As I drove away, I questioned myself. At nearly 49 years of age, I still have a vulnerability for insecurity. This is one type of reuse and recycle I am dumping!

What do you need to dump and quit recycling today?

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