Miracles We Don't Ask For

I am thankful today for miracles we don't ask for. My husband, as you know, is suffering with a severe back problem. We were able to get an appointment for next Tuesday with the best neurosurgeon in Greensboro. Today, when we didn't go back to the chiropractor because my husband just doesn't have the strength, they called to check on him. The doctor got on the phone and called in a favor and now we have an appointment with the neurologist today at 1pm. That's something we never even thought of, we were just grateful for next week. God is good, He provides miracles we didn't even think to ask for. On another note, this morning I was on Facebook and saw that my oldest son had started a prayer group online for his Dad. My heart filled with gratefulness.

Day Number 9 Blessing: Miracles We Don't Ask For

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