For Better for Worse

Today I've been thinking about marriage. Mine,others, why, why not. This week my best friend and I have been going through a tough week. I'm not talking about my husband as my best friend, but my best friend of 21 years. We weren't best friends all of that time, but most of it. Her husband had cancer surgery last week (he and I are the same age) and she spent the week with him (at a hospital 20 miles away), squeezing in her kids (who weren't allowed to visit because of H1N1 fears at the hospital), and dealing with the aftermath of major surgery and the gripping fear that the word cancer brings. My husband is down in his back and surgery is looking more and more likely. We've been married over 20 years. My friend has been married over 25 years. We both made the same vow - for better for worse. Honestly, I don't think either of us knew what that really meant. Richer or poorer was easy, we were all relatively poor. We've all had ups and downs through the years. Job changes, children, relationship struggles, the regular things of life. But this week, we've both had a taste of "worse". This has given me a new appreciation for marriage. I can't imagine having to go through this alone. Even though I'm not the one that's "hurt", I can only imagine what it would be like for my husband without a spouse. The great thing is, I know he would/will do the same for me. So, day eight - my blessing is: marriage.

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