Church Family

Today's blessing was easy. It is my church family. I go to a solid church with fairly traditional values. It is not too strict with all the "rules" of my childhood. But it isn't too open and free where anything goes. The sermons give me things to use my brain on and the service gives me time to stop and reflect and recharge. The best thing of all though is the church family that comes with it. Good friends, who listen and support are available. Last night was the perfect example. I really didn't want to go to the family party for my daughter's Pioneer group that was meeting. But I had promised and it's been a long week for everyone. So we went. I was able to find something to do that helped me "hide" because I didn't feel like talking much. People would talk to me as I was working, which was nice. But in helping I began to feel better. Then afterwards I got to help clean up and talk to one of my friends (it was at her house) while my kids played. When I left, I felt so much better and ready to face life again. I know I have those kinds of friends outside of my church family, but it's nice to have a bunch of them there too.

Blessing on Day Seven: A good church with a good church family.

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