Check List and Choices

Coffee (sugar free french vanilla and sweet-n-low). Check. Working computer. Check. Husband with hope about his back. Check. Sunlight streaming in thru window. Check. God who loves me. Check. Three healthy kids. Check. Church family. Check. Work with income. Check. Good friends. Check.

Some days I make better choices than others. I can choose to exercise. I can choose to eat well. I can choose to love my family and friends. I can choose to have a positive outlook. I can choose to try new things (like riding on Maid of the Mist, or joining a writers group). I can choose to believe that God cares more than I do about my family and even myself and that He makes a difference. Sometimes I forget these choices and let life make them. Bu I know that each day brings new opportunities. Looking over my checklist (see above), I have decided that today I'm going to do my best to choose well. I know you can too.

Day Number 5 Blessing: The ability to choose.

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