Blessings and Fog

This morning I was reminded that most of the time I like fog. Not so much if I have to drive in heavy fog, but the gentle "soft" kind we had this morning. I like it because it makes the world view soft and quiet. In the harshness and loudness that our days tend to contain, it's nice to step back and have a change of pace. I get the same feeling the first morning after a big snow, not the dustings we tend to have here, but the really good ones that cover up all the grass and the leaves and the stuff. My husband has suffered a back injury and is sidelined for a week or so. It's hard on him being stuck in the house (I'm not too fond of it either), and we're having to change our holiday travel plans. It would be easy to get all upset and start "living in the deficit" as I recently heard. But I have joined my pastor in the 40 days of gratitude - and it makes a difference. So today, the blessing in my life was a gentle morning fog. Thank you God.

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