Life Comes at You Fast

I am constantly amazed at how my children are growing. Like most moms, it seems like only yesterday I was changing diapers and wondering if they would ever be potty trained.

Now my oldest is looking at colleges for the fall of 2011. Though we have talked about it since he was 5, it is suddenly here. He's narrowing down where to look at, and soon we'll be scheduling visits.

My second son has suddenly taken up the acoustic guitar. He is teaching himself with a DVD and tabs, and I can't believe how much he learned in 48 hours. He is very focused when he sets his mind on something. He's talking about being a surgeon - and with his focus I'm sure he can do it if that's what he decides.

My daughter, the youngest, is making leaps and bounds in changing from little girl to young lady. Her speech is growing, her vocabulary incredible and she's moved from princesses to the Jonas Brothers.

What was once idle talk of the future is now coming into being.

As the insurance company says . . . Life Comes at You Fast

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