Bi-Partisan Family

I am a Centrist and my husband is a Blue-Dog Democrat (google that if you don’t know what it means). That may not sound Bi-partisan, but it is – stick with me.

I grew up a firm Democrat, my parents were from the South and had moved (before I was born) North for awhile to make some money (this was back in the 50’s) and worked in the automotive industry and had their first taste of unions. Compared to what went on/goes on in the Deep South, the unions were a GOOD thing. So, I grew up a Democrat. I even worked on a campaign in high school – for Sen. Frank Church in Idaho, exciting times, had our phone line cut on election night and everything! Somewhere in my adult years, my parents switched parties – but not me.

My husband thinks he grew up a Republican, not really sure as they didn’t talk about it, at least not in his memories. Somewhere in college he became a Democrat being the good liberal college student looking out for the causes of the time. His parents were/became Republicans all throughout his adult years.

We didn’t give much thought to it when we got married, never asked each other – it just came out sometime afterwards. We weren’t firmly dedicated until someone at church told us we couldn’t be Christians and Democrats – that settled it, I’ll die a Democrat to prove them wrong.

This past election season we had yard signs for both John McCain and Barack Obama, until someone stole them in the middle of the night. It wasn’t because we were a house divided, but because we both liked things about both candidates. We did vote differently, but it wasn’t an issue between us.

This drives a lot of our family and friends nuts. They want us to be solidly in one or the other camps. My Republican ‘family’ was dismayed when I went to the inauguration this year (I figured it was the chance of a lifetime) and my Democrat ‘family’ can’t understand why I am disappointed with Barak Obama (not buyers remorse, but disappointment). It is amazing to me the polarization between the parties. I suppose it has always been this way, but I didn’t notice. With the internet and plethora of news programs on cable, I can’t escape it now.

But the great part of all this is in raising our kids. I believe they are all becoming independent thinkers. None of them sing the party line – and I see both conservative and liberal thoughts coming out of each one – depending on the issue. And isn’t that what we want? People who will look at each issue and think for themselves?

So, we are a bi-partisan family. Not because we are a house divided, but united in our quest for the best. Try it, it’s stimulating!

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