09-09-09 / A New Adventure

I love September. It’s better than January for new beginnings. I suppose it started years ago (over 40) when I started school. I realized not long ago that I truly look at September as the New Year, not January. It helps that I have three kids in school now to help perpetuate that tradition.

So, in that tradition, I have decided to try and make my blog a “column” of sorts. My husband keeps telling me that is where my strength is. I read the paper (yes I read newsprint!) almost every day and that’s generally where I head first. Since today is 09-09-09 and deemed a day of significance (we Americans love to do that, I figure it’s our attempt to be like the Israelites stacking up stones to remember a special place) I shall claim it as my own, the day I become a columnist. With the competition rough for getting published in the newspaper as they unfortunately seem to be bleeding to death – this will be my own attempt. I don’t know if I can do daily (I do have another life you know!), but shall attempt a minimum of twice a week.
I ask that if/when you read this you sign up as a follower or leave a comment so I know you’ve been here. I welcome comments!

See ya later!

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