The World of Orthodontia

Today my boys both got braces (and the youngest one has an appliance as well). Mouths are sore tonight and Advil reigns. Putting them on went just fine - it was actually quite interesting. Both boys were side by side at the stations and the techs that put them on were sisters! We went to lunch right after (it was advised to do so before their mouths got sore - too late). Unfortunately - Ivan took a bite and felt something "pop". We looked and one bracket came off a bottom tooth. We called the doctor and they said come right back. I went to work and their Dad took them. On the way over another one popped. Then while Ivan was in the chair another one popped! Turns out those were the teeth that are farthest "back" and the wire tension was just too tight to keep the braces on. So they reapplied and loosened the tension there a bit until the other teeth start to move. Eventful!

I think life is like that. You go through something that is big, but seems relatively easy - like . . . childbirth. It hurts, but isn't that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. But after a bit - POP, something goes wrong. The baby doesn't sleep through the night, colic sets in, siblings are jealous, the house doesn't fit . . . you get the picture. So, you adjust your life and things settle into a new routine. And down the road you look back and see how much richer and better your life is now - like a beautiful smile after the crooked teeth you didn't even realize you had till they are gone.

Life is full of "braces" - they just come in all forms.

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