New Chapter

Yesterday a new page in the chapter of my life was turned. Our oldest son obtained his drivers license. Granted, it is provisional (no driving after 9pm without supervising driver), but this is the "beginning of the end". Now comes getting a job (to pay for driving - yes we're making him pay part of his insurance and gas), advanced school work, college visits and in a short two years - one eaglet will fly from the nest.

My husband and I were discussing last night the future. I can remember so clearly when both of the boys went thru 4th grade - and now our youngest is there. The little kid days are behind us, and that chapter has closed.

I can only imagine what the future will hold. Right now my 16 year old son wants to be a diplomat, my 13 year son wants to be a surgeon, and my 9 year old vacilates between being a pop star or a teacher of some sort. I have the idea that all of them will fly far from home, but I hope they'll come around a lot.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying my job for a non-profit called Kids Voting in addition to working for my husband and his business GO Limited. My writers group has been a great encouragement to me and I am looking forward to developing my writing skills even further.

The economy is a bother, not really for my every day life (in honesty I'm not really much of a spender and I can give up my 6 month pedicure) - but for the extra opportunities that present themselves like class reunions in Idaho or writers conferences in NYC.

However, when I reflect - my life is incredibly good. And life is not hard - just different. I'm grateful for family, friends, church community, blogspots, and Facebook - all of these keep me in touch with what I care about - you, the people.

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