Coffee and Mornings

Here I sit with my Dollywood mug (which has my name on it) full of coffee (with LOTS of sweet-n-low and Sugar Free French Vanilla powdered creamer) facing the day. I was up early (5:40am) to do a last edit on a story submission for Family Circle before getting my daughter up at 6:30am for school. I have found that I like working early in the morning on my stories before the rest of the household gets up. It seems to be the one really quiet time of the day.

Embracing my writing has taken me into a whole different corner of my life. I think it has always been there, just waiting for me to "take up the pen". I'm glad I started writing before my mother died, and she saw me get published in the newspaper. I wish she could see what I'm doing now, but that's okay. I had enough encouragement from her throughout my life to hear the whispers now.

It is amazing how the chapters of one's life start and end. I woke up one morning and found a chapter had ended and a new one started. It keeps hitting me that my oldest is now a junior in high school, an "upper classman" and his future is right around the corner. My middle son now wants to try out for the basketball team, and is only one year away from high school. Their dreams of their futures (diplomat and surgeon) seem almost real to me. My youngest has taken to 4th grade like a duck to water, and I see the last traces of "little girl" fading away.

My husband and I don't look toward or expect retirement, just new phases in life. I embrace writing, he's looking toward consulting, training, and teaching.

One constant? Coffee - with sweet-n-low and sugar free french vanilla powdered creamer.

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