What a Day?

Sometimes you don't know how well life is going until you have a bump in the road. Today for instance, I woke up okay, but pretty quickly it seemed like all my plans went right out the window, or at least against the window. I planned to work on a story draft, but got interrupted (to make final vacation plans, so that was at least a good thing). However, I never finished the draft revisions. Then I headed to work, picked up a donated computer which turned out to be older than the ones we have. Stopped at Hardees, decided to try the new cinnamon-sugar balls. Got my diet coke (of course) then was asked to "pull up" as the order would be ready in two minutes. Ten minutes later they came out to apologize that my order had been "dropped", but would be right out. I did my best to be gracious. Got to work and wrestled with the slow computers trying to submit an online grant request (for money to buy new computers!). About an hour before I planned to go home the building maintenance man stuck his head in the door and asked if I drove the red minivan. I said yes, do you need me to move it - he said no, he had bad news. Someone had broken the passenger window, he saw it when he pulled up to park beside me. Going out at first I didn't see anything gone (the donated HUGE computer was still there), but then I realized that my husband's GPS (that I borrowed to go to a wedding on Sunday and kept because we're headed on vacation in a couple of days) was gone. The worst thing about that was that when I parked this morning I considered whether I should take it down and put it in the middle console, and decided not to! Argh! Filed a police report, husband called the insurance company and made arrangements to get the glass replaced tomorrow. The good news is the GPS is covered in our policy, the bad news is the deductible is more than the cost of the GPS. So, came home, went to work out in the Back Office and the electricity was out on my wall only. That turned out to be an easy fix, just needed to push a reset button. So anyway - I really can't complain as this kind of thing doesn't happen often and my life is really quite good. Just a bit of a reality check today!

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