One Year Today

Well, today is the day. I called my father to see how he was doing - as usual he is great. He was sitting in his chair listening to a book on tape (he has macular dengeration) and enjoying the day. He's had a good week - went to "campmeeting" and enjoyed himself. In talking to him I almost thought he had forgotten what day it was - but when I brought it up he simply agreed and went on with the conversation. Then I thought perhaps he just didn't want to talk about it, but he was upbeat and wanted to hear what we'd been up to this week and what the kids were doing. I think it is simply that he is living life, and while sorrow was here, it was for a season. He is a great example to me. I'm glad to know I don't have to feel guilty about getting on with life and not spending the day in tears. I was afraid I might be not showing enough honor to my mother's memory - but perhaps now. She always encouraged us to live life and get on with it. I think I shall.

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