16 Years Ago

16 years ago today my life took its second major step. The first major step was on April 15, 1989 when I married my husband. But on March 20, 1993 our first child was born - and a HUGE adventure began. Even though we had gotten a cat the year before to "prepare us for responsibility", there was no way we could have truly understood what we were getting in to. My pregnancy had been a breeze, I was due on March 21st. Going on to the doctor on the 19th we thought I was going to be induced (my best friend was thrilled - that's her birthday), but alas, there was "no room at the inn". I was miserable, so we called everyone and asked them to pray I would go into labor. Lo and behold - late that night I did. We went to the hospital early Saturday morning where we began the "wait" game. Around 1pm our firstborn made his way into this world, or as Sarah Garvin recently put it, that's when he - "discovered America". NOTHING could have prepared me for the love and protectiveness that immediately set in. I always tell people there was something in that shot after birth . . .

That moment was a defining moment for me. I am so grateful that God blessed me with children. For what seemed like a long time I thought I would not get my "dream" of being a wife and mother - but in God's timing it came to be - and I wouldn't change ANY of it.

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