Engagement Memories

So, on April 15th, 2009 - Ivan and I will be married for 20 years. On February 14th, 1989, two months before we married, Ivan proposed. I'd like to tell the story . . .

It was a Tuesday and Ivan and I had been out the night before (actually I was babysitting and he came over to sit with me) and had gotten home late. Sound asleep the sound of insistent knocking on my apartment door came at 6:30am. Groggily I stumbled to the door only to find it was Ivan. My questions were met with a cryptic answer - "get your clothes on, let's go". I asked if I could take time to put in my contacts but was told no, but I could at least wash my face quickly. We left in the clear, cool morning to walk a couple of blocks to the Greensboro College front lawn. Few words were spoken as Ivan led me to a bench under a large tree. Sitting there he pulled out a black velvet box, thrusting it to me he said "well, will ya?". Opening it was a terrible set of cheap imitation rings, complete with duct tape to make it small enough for my finger - I loved it and said yes of course. Then he proceeded to make me give it back. Getting down on his knees he pulled out a beautiful gold solitare that we had looked at weeks before and made a beautiful proposal. I definitely said yes again! After hugs and kisses and declarations of our love, we headed back to my apartment. At this point he did let me put in my contacts and freshen up a "little" bit. His reasoning for this was so I would know he loved me "as is" and that he had proposed to me at my "worst". If you know Ivan you'll understand that. After my freshening up he took me to a restaurant out at the Airport Marriot. I was concerned about being late for work, but he had already set it up with my boss (he's very thorough). After breakfast he took me back home so I could then get ready for work. He had roses arranged to be delivered that day, but a problem kept them from being delivered until the following day. He even had a card attached that read "you've made the right choice" (it really wasn't a mystery what my answer would be). I always liked that I got engaged on Valentine's Day. He said he did it to make up for all the yucky Valentine's he'd had. I like it because I'm a romantic at heart. He's right about one thing though - I DID make the RIGHT choice!

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