I just said goodbye to my Dad this morning. He has been in North Carolina for the last five weeks. He stayed with my brother and I got to see him every week. I probably didn't see him as much as I should - but life stops for no one and I still had to work, the kids had their "stuff" and yada, yada, yada. At any rate, it was really good to be with him. It was strange to have him by himself (my mom died last June) - that's never happened my whole life. He and Mom were never apart in my lifetime. He may have been gone from time to time, but I don't believe my Mom was ever gone - so I've never experienced Daddy by himself. I found him to be very much his own person and I enjoyed him a lot. He is a great example of compassion and forgiveness. He also is the most "tolerant" Christians I know. I mean that in a good way - as in he is not one of those people who thinks things have to be done the way they always have been. He's willing for the "young" people to have their way - but he cautions lovingly about losing touch with heritage and foundations. He doesn't offer opinions on it unless asked, but will answer when you do. Because of that I listen closely - and am even now pondering his thoughts.

I discovered that I still am very proud to be his daughter, and hope I can be like him when I grow old.

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