Life is all about balance. I should have realized this when I learned to walk. Of course I can't remember that - so I guess it's okay that I didn't put it together. But you'd think watching my three children learn to walk I would have latched on - oh well, slow learner. I'm learning that I have to balance things in my life. What I'm involved with, how I spend my time, jobs, volunteering, family, friends - the list goes on and on. What makes it difficult is that all of the opportunities are good things. But I can't do them all, and I have to choose and then balance the choices. Sounds good on paper, but all the baggage of my past influences my decisions and how I feel about them. I am a preacher's kid, so I have all kinds of "shoulds" in my psyche. I've overcome lots of them, but they still come up and "bite" me from time to time. Anyway, I'm glad God doesn't look at things as 'sacred' or 'secular' - but as opportunities and choices He brings our way. I've also learned there are seasons (some people call them chapters) for different things. That how I spend my time now may not (probably won't be) how I spend it next year, or maybe even next month. I'm glad life is flowing and ever-changing. Life that stays the same would be dull and boring. So, even though I find it challenging to keep up, I'm grateful for all these choices.

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