Sermon Reflections for Sunday, January 04, 2009

January 4, 2009

Wow, another year, another sermon. Today Pastor Peter Kim spoke on Acts 22:1-14 and Philippians 3:10-11. While the title, "What Would Jesus Do?" seemed cliché, I did glean new thoughts to consider. First – the question was what DID Jesus do? The answer – God's will. Another way to look at this question is – Walk With Jesus Daily. Now the question becomes – what does that mean?

Walking – means NOT sprinting or running (don't get ahead of God)

With – means NOT without, alongside of, in the company of

Daily – means 24/7, EVEN when I don't want Him

How to walk daily.

  1. Lean to listen to His Voice (thru the Word of God and thru Godly men and women who listen to God's Word.
  2. Ask the right question – not what do I do, but what does God want me to do.
  3. Know that God holds us – HE hold onto US, not US holding on to Him.
  4. Know that I am not perfect.
  5. Move forward, don't just stand there.

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