Science Projects and Life

My daughter is doing a required Science Fair project. It has been interesting to me because I have to learn how to assist and guide – but don't do the work and don't tell her everything little thing to do, because it then becomes my project. She has compared the effect of national brand detergents versus a store brand (Tide and All vs. Harris Teeter) on a grape juice stain. What we found out is that none of them would take it completely out, but one did take out more than the others. I'm not going to tell you which one – you'll have to ask her.

What does this mean to me? I've been thinking about a good friend who is going thru a very difficult situation that doesn't seem to have a satisfactory resolution. Pain is everywhere in it, and I believe there will always be a "stain" involved. But I do believe there are some actions that will leave less of a stain than others. The challenge is to find out what it is.

Lord, help me be a useful friend, that helps remove the stain and not set it in more permanently.

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