I wish I was like God. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean like Bruce Almighty or anything like that – I just wish I could do that forgiveness thing "far as the east is from the west" thing. Or not really forgiveness – I think I do that okay, but the forgetting. It is becoming difficult for me to look at something based solely on what "is" at the moment and have compassion and understanding. In dealing with people and wherever they are "at", I can't seem to help looking at it with all "our" past. Sometimes I do okay, but lately it seems like I have less patience with the ones I love. Strangers and new acquaintances usually get a pass. Habits that are nothing new bug me, struggles that "they" have seem overblown, choices made seem poor to me. Maybe it is menopause, maybe it's getting older (these two are not necessarily the same thing), maybe some fatigue. I don't know, but more than likely it is a combination of all those and more. What's the answer? I'm going to try three things (hopefully this combination will work).

  1. Rest, get more sleep at night.
  2. Prayer, pray first, fuss last.
  3. Read for fun, think on something that has nothing to do with anything.

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