Friday, February 27, 2015

iPads and the "old" generation

My mother-in-law sent me this video and in light of my last post I just had to share! I hope you enjoy! German not needed to understand the clip.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Being the "old" generation

I've had the delightful experience this week of switching from an iphone to an android phone (no I'm not being sarcastic, it really has been pretty smooth). Despite our children's concern that we wouldn't be able to adjust - my husband and I have done just fine.

It is funny to find myself in the position of being considered part of the generation that might not be able to handle new things without help from the younger. Has it always been this way? I think so. Most (if not all) children think their parents might not be able to keep up with the changes. I know I did. I wondered if my parents could handle having a computer and learn how to use email and surf the internet. That would be fine to wonder if they had been 80 when they started, but instead they were in their early 60's. They did just fine and loved having that access.

So now I just chuckle quietly when my children or their friends think I might not "get it". Because you know what? Sometimes I don't. I still can't figure out how to play video games (except for Wii bowling) and though I'm on Twitter and Instagram I don't know that I'll ever be truly "fluent" in that medium.

It's okay - I'm learning to go with the flow and enjoy what's in front of me. And you know what? Someday my children will discover the same thing I have - eventually we all become the "old" generation.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Why Blog?

I had lunch this week with my SIL (that's sister-in-law for those of you who might not know social media code). She asked me how my writing was going and I had to confess - it's not been going at all. Last fall I blamed it on taking a class and not having time. Then it was the holidays, but I have no excuses now. I simply have lost my "oomph" as my mother called it. I worry that I have nothing of importance to say (which is probably true of most bloggers), nothing funny (which most of us like to read), and nothing inspiring (I mean, I read others who are SO inspiring that I wonder why I would even try).

This has led me to think on why I blog. I'm still working on figuring that out. I started this blog because someone told me I was a good writer, and it seemed like an easy and safe way to put myself "out there". Along the way I've met some really good, and supportive, people in the blogging community. I have gotten tons of affirmation online. It has felt really good.

I don't know the full answer yet to why I blog (or don't), but for now I'm going to keep plugging along until I find my "oomph" or until I decide there's no place for me.
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