Monday, August 25, 2014

Transition ALMOST Complete

14 years ago
Part 2 of our big life transition is complete. Last week our eldest moved back to school (which was kinda weird because now that he has a car we had nothing to do with his move), actually he transferred to a different school so it was a big change for him too. He is now going to a school in town but we are pretending he is still three hours away.

This morning our daughter will begin high school (not our baby!) and tonight I start class (I am taking English 101).

The magnitude of changing from a 5 person household to a 3 person household is just starting sink in. Shopping at Costco, the grocery store list, the empty basement, the reduction in trash, the sharing of chores; everything is affected.

All we have left to do now is settle into our new routines. It is different, but it's going to be great.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Life Change 2014: Phase 1 Complete

The first piece of the transition is complete. This past weekend we moved our middle child into college and celebrated his 18th birthday. It was a two day affair as move in was Friday but his birthday was Saturday and this mom wasn't about to not be with him on his 18th. It turned out well and there were minimal tears at our parting.

This week we will see our oldest off to college, but for the first time he's taking himself - no parents needed. That feels very strange, haven't exactly figured out when we'll "say goodbye" as he'll probably leave while we are both at work. We won't move him in, or see his room, or get him settled in, at 21 he doesn't need us that way anymore.

Next week our youngest will start high school and get braces (she's made a checklist of forbidden foods that she's eating this week). I will start attending the English class I am enrolled in.

While I have continued to walk during this summer, my first goal is to stop the stress eating I have indulged in. I've added on weight and I'm ready to take it back off. Secondly I hope to increase my walking which will be tricky with our new school schedules - but that's okay, I'm up for a challenge.

I'm glad life transitions come in phases, that's what makes it doable. I'm looking forward to finding out what my "new normal" is going to look like.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Remembering Robin and Chris

Like everyone else I was shocked to hear the news of Robin Williams' death. How horrible and tragic it is. Most of what I hear on Facebook and the news feeds is one of shock and sorrow, and a few words of anger thrown in too, from people mad that he didn't fight his way through his depression, and apparently took his own life.

This brings back to my memory my own experience with suicide. When I was in high school a classmate and friend, a couple of years ahead of me, hung himself. I had many questions about that as I knew that Chris was a Christian and I couldn't reconcile that he would take his own life. I spent some time in denial thinking that it had been foul play and someone had killed him. Eventually I came to understand that he was battling depression and for whatever reason, took fatal action. My father (a minister) gave me some wise counsel as I struggled with the reality of suicide. He told me it wasn't up to me to decide if Chris made it to heaven or not, all I had to do was remember his life, what I knew of him, and leave the rest up to God. From that point on I could rest easy. It was (and is) my place to remember his gentle ways, his loving nature,and his caring heart.

Robin, I don't know the demons you battled, or what your core beliefs were. But it is my place to remember the laughter you brought me, the tears that moved me, and the smiles that cheered me.  Thank you.
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